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Well done!

After some hours of panic and rush, we (almost) did it in time. The final product sent shivers down our spine, specially after all the work  it meant.  Having seen how chaotic our data was this morning, we felt almost like Gods, able to divide the light from the darkness. But everything was the result of dedication and cooperation. And now, we have a lasting souvenir to take home: our map showing histories from first world war:

Hope you enjoy interacting with it as much as we enjoyed doing it!

By the whole team of Hackathon: Irena, Anna, Felix, Marta P, Marta S, Alina, Hubert, Lukas, Bastina, Andreas, Maria and Norman :)



Almost there!

The last day of the hackathon brings about a busy atmosphere. We’re almost there! But before, we need to work hard to polish our product, an interactive map displaying different perspectives people had on WWI. This involves researching licences and original links, finding geolocations, designing markers for the interactive map, and so on.

We have one hour to go. Will we make it?

(Sure we will!)

premature retrospective

Day 3 of the History Hackathon came fast and still alot of work awaits us.

Starting with a whole day of presenting, brainstorming and discussion, we built up two quite productive teams. On the second day, the machinery of data gathering and programming already ran in full power!

Now, while we finishing up everything to meet our high expectations, before presenting at 4pm, we have some more pictures for you:

historyHackathon2 historyHackathon3 historyHackathon4 historyHackathon5 historyHackathon6 historyHackathon7 historyHackathon8 historyHackathon9 historyHackathon1


Text and pictures by Norman


Reflection of the day

“History is not when you have a picture and describe it, but when you actually explain what it means.”


Quote by Maria, photo by Daniel

Working hard

Today the two groups (content and coding) were working on their specific tasks. The content group did a lot of research in the morning and in the afternoon they had to arrange it so the coders were able to make use of it.

In the morning the coding group set up a map, a timeslide and a sidemenu. In the afternoon they were making progress in placing markers on the map at the right postition and importing the data from the spreadsheet.

Hoping that we can finish tomorrow!

Text and screenshots by Irena and Anna

We cannot stop the running!

A morning of brainstorning brought to life a bunch of wonderful ideas. Afternoon was time to discuss them… After a hard time of reflection, siesta coma and headache, we came up with the final project: an interactive map, showing up the different perspectives of people who lived during the First World War.



Text by Marta, from Spain; Pictures by Daniel, from Germany